General Portfolio An Overview

My portfolio is splitted into different galleries. Each gallery provide a number of pictures belonging together as explained in the abstract.


All images were taken in February 2008 and are part of a selection shot close to or in Colmar, Alsace, France.

Baltic States And Finland

All images were taken in August 2012 when I was travelling Finland, Estonia (Tallinn) and Latvia (Riga). It is a selection of my favorite pics from this trip.


I do love butterflies - they are just beautiful, don't you think? The first five images of this series were taken in Victoria Butterfly Gardens (1461 Benvenuto Avenue, Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada) in August 2003. The rest of the images were shot in June 2009 in the "Schmetterlingshaus" (house of butterflies) on the Mainau Island, Lake constance, Germany.

Golden Hour

The pics of the series "Golden Hour" were all taken in the spring of 2020 during the Corona pandemic. They were either shot in the early mornings or in the late evening during the so called golden hour.


Traveling and hiking in the deserted nature of Canada and the US has always a horrorfying touch. Around each corner you can meet grizzlies or the black bears. I have seen some of them in nature, luckily with the necessary distance between them and me. The pictures of this series were taken in the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) located on the Seward Highway in Portage, Alaska in August 2006.


Moose - those gorgeous animals. I've seen quite a lot of them while hiking the Algonquin National Park in Ontario, Canada. The pictures of this series, nevertheless, were taken in the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) located on the Seward Highway in Portage, Alaska in August 2006.

South West

My honeymoon I spent in the southwest of the USA in 2002. I was traveling from California to Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and back to California. This gallery shows some selected pics from that trip.

Spider Ladybird

The pics of this series were taken in August 2009 in Denmark close to Gudmindrup in the region of Zealand. It documents the cruel but fascinating fight of a ladybird and its mighty antagonist the spider.


All pictures of the gallery "tomatoes" were taken in August of 2008 in the city of Reilingen, Germany in our garden after a thunder storm. The raindrops of the heavy rainfall on the some of the fruits are the essential detail in this series.

Wild West

The Wild West is a series of pictures I took in August 2003 on a trip through British Columbia and Alberta in Canada and Montana, Idaho and State of Washington in the USA. It was a special summer with huge forest fires. So, every time you think the pic was shot on a misty day it was smoke from the forest fires nearby.